Amy has taught art to people of all ages in a variety of educational venues, including the following:  

* Memoir and Photography: Exploring the Self-Portrait, an 8-week online seminar using Voice Thread at Union Institute and University. 

* K-8  Visual Arts faculty at Fairfield Center School in Fairfield, VT, during which time she served on the Franklin Central Supervisory Union Fine Arts Task Force developing benchmarks for aligning the local curriculum with the state’s framework of standards and piloted the NAEP test for arts assessment. 

* Principles of Art and Design course at New England Culinary Institute in Essex, VT.  

* Preschool Arts Program at The Gibbes Museum of Art in Charleston, SC.

* Book Arts Internships at Amicus Studio.

* Museum education workshops, tours,  and outreach programs at The University of Vermont’s Fleming Museum of Art.